Photoshoot and Photography Workshop With Laura Ma

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Ready to master photography and give up using Instagram filters? We hear you! Join Laura Ma in a photography workshop followed by a PHOTOSHOOT session and learn the basics of photography!

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Meet Laura Ma in the heart of Paris and let her guide you through the basics of photography! Start off with a photography workshop and then move on to conduct a photoshoot session. That’s not all, you’ll get to be part of Laura’s crazy, psychedelic world as you become her inspiration!
Check out her portfolio to see how MAD she really is!

This is an individual project nonetheless, you can choose to do the photoshoot alone and/or with friends (max of 5 people in one session).
You can also choose to do either the workshop or the photoshoot if you wish not to choose both!

Location : Paris - Studio Club Arty
Timing: 2h (1h workshop + 1h shooting)
Date: February 2019

Young expressive photographer and art director based in Paris. My main medium to expres...
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