« Innovative jewellery brand that combines architectural contemporary flair with sensibility »

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MINIMALIST Atelier - is an up-and-coming Lebanese contemporary jewelry brand, spotted by the who’s who of the industry in Europe: TRANOI, Not Just a Label, Passion Origins and Beliefs, and featured in international publications such as Vogue UK and Vogue Germany. Roula started her brand a couple of years ago when she decided to leave the corporate world to embrace her true calling. The brand sold in Europe, the Middle East, Japan and on a few online international platforms such as Mysoukinthecity, Bucolik and NJAL. It was selected among the finalists of the Mediterranean Fashion Price 2016. Its underlying vision is to make jewelry, accessible to a large crowd of women, capitalizing on “the new economy”, whilst preserving heritage and empowering craftsmen. At the crossroads of fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, the brand caters to the global market of modern, elegant women and sells at highly competitive prices.

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Minimalist Project

Minimalist brings in an innovative jewelry designer brand that combines rough architectural contemporary flair with sensibility inspired from both nature and colorful cultures; it has a distinguished identified style that caters to a global market. Anyone can be Minimalist.

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