quere gilles

« Wild beauty, exquisite sensuality strong and fragile with a scent of misunderstanding »

My MAD Story

There are forms that challenge. In an animal register, Gilles Quéré expresses himself with power and preciousness. Its forms are sufficient on their own but an intimate relationship binds them. A report that finds its source in an impregnated childhood: Brittany, between the "Pink Granite Coast and the Coast of Legends", the hard work of cement and other minerals. A declaration of love to art in front of "the woman who cries" of Pablo Picasso, a teenager who, without knowing it, was already in love.
In his animal register, we find metaphors about life, about his life, a dialogue with the history of art. From Sumerian art to Chinese frozen statuary (HAN), from Moore, Laurens, Deacon or Flanaghan's English sculpture in Pompon.
First encouraged by Gérard Venturelli and Jan Voss to continue the expression of his inner rage in painting, G.Quéré then turned naturally to sculpture. To touch these forms is to feel these energies invested, engaged and released. A form of expiation of torments symbolically represented by endangered or missing animals. Sublimated for the pleasure of the senses.

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Concrete sculpture embedded in a resistant material like stone. About

$ 2186.48

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