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How did it all start?

I started as a « stage child » with Fredonia, a musical company, when I was 11. We played on French and American stages. We got to play on legendary stages like The Bataclan and the Palais des Congrès (Paris).
After living a year in the Us when I was 17, I started studying in Paris at La Sorbonne, at l’ECM of Paris and at the Conservatoire Debussy of Paris. I then studied in London at the Guildford School of Acting, as the first French student accepted in the Musical Theatre section BA(Hons). At the end of this training, I wrote a play with Christian Lunn titled « Here’s To Life » for 10 performers and an orchestra, performed at the National Portrait Gallery of London, directed by Paul Baker, Olivier Award Winner. I then started in the pop-soul-world with a first EP titled See Me Clear ( played live with 10 musicians including a quartet) and an album titled Happiness is a choice, both produced by Dan Bell. We toured in the UK and France.
Today I am into a new sound: pop-electro-slam, developing my own concept: "we all have inner voice talking to us, telling us "go for it, enjoyyyy" and "it will be alright". We all have a queen inside who wants to express herself and guide us. Mine is Queen Clairie, how about yours?

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