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Lebnene is an initiative aimed at restoring Lebanon’s former glory by promoting values such as respect, goodwill, generosity, altruism, and kindness. It is also meant to empower citizens and allow them to live freely in a democratic state while enjoying all their rights. This is achieved by working hard, counting on themselves, acting responsible and respecting each other. This would prevent corruption from thriving and help wipe out greed, egoism, hate, self-interest, violence and animosity in society.

Lebnene is about being and acting as respectable Lebanese citizens, not about acting depending on one’s political affiliation, religious beliefs or self-interests. The change starts when we are Lebnene.

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Ouzville is the Change – Be Part of it

Ouzville was born out of the need to beautify Ouzai and unify the Lebanese people through art, and a collaborative experience.

The aim of this project was to give back soul and life to long neglected places such as Ouzai, which now is called Ouzville. We decided to start by Ouzville, the pilot project, since it is the landing point of Lebanon - the first one out of many more cities to come.

In order to achieve this, a lot of effort is put into breaking stereotypes and bringing people from different backgrounds together to work hand in hand towards a common objective.

Ouzville also aims to erase all colors, put aside all confessions, all political affiliations and shed all light on Lebanon as a nation.

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