Karl Dagher

« Laughter is the second best medicine. The best one? Penicillin. »

My MAD Story

I am a standup comedian and comedy writer from Beirut, Lebanon. My job is a difficult one. My job is to get up on a wooden stage and speak funny sentences into a microphone that is linked to a sound system which other people can hear. Oh and the sentences are ones that I write, off the stage, for it is very difficult to write on a stage with people looking over your shoulder. Now I know what you're thinking. Standup comedy isn't hard; neurosurgery is hard. And sure, I'll admit, it is difficult to do neurosurgery on a person after a blunt-force trauma induced brain hemorrhage threatens their life, but have you ever tried going on a stage and telling jokes into a microphone, and that microphone was broken, and no one was able to hear you tell the jokes, so they just end up watching you gesticulate aimlessly on a stage for 5 to 10 minutes, and then they start hating you, and they wish death upon you, and sometimes they wish death upon your family, and then that hatred turns into a mass riot, and that riot ends up crippling the economy of an entire neighborhood, or even neighborhoods?! I don't think so! So before you say that standup is easy, I'd like to see you try it, Mr. Neurosurgery! Go ahead! I'll even make sure the microphone is working before you go on!

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