Joumana Bou Fakhreddine

« I create, never follow »

My MAD Story

I am an independent daring author, with great love for the Lebanese culture.
I create and never follow.

My career started as an investigative journalist with many challenging topics from local and international politics to cultural issues, human rights, topped with interviews with great scholars, filmmakers, and politicians.
Truth and ethics were always a priority in my line of work.

I have graduated from the Lebanese American University with a double major in Radio TV and Journalism. During these years, I excelled by creating superior projects with vision and style.
My great challenges started from my senior year since my work was always viewed as different and original.

My professional background also includes working as an Assistant Producer on a special documentary for Black September in Jordan as well as being the Communication Manager and Country Manager for Senses Ltd among other positions.

However I always felt as a bird not able to be caged with tasks …. This is partly why I also became an active journalist.

My upcoming book is my dream coming “Alive”.

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