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Antonio Manzone is a company specialized in Men's suits, shirts and accessories 100% Made in Italy. Traditional art, know-how and a sense of detail are at the heart of the Neapolitan tailors. With its authenticity, the Antonio Manzone House offers a variety of combinations, colors and materials that are now required in a Man's wardrobe.

Antonio Manzone was born from the meeting between Parisian and Neapolitan cultures incarnated by two characters Antoine and Giuseppe. Fashion lovers and more devoted to the "sartorial" craft, they decided to create their own house with the ambition of combining the cut and the French structure with the know-how and Neapolitan details.

After several trips between Paris and Naples, birthplace of Giuseppe and several visits of "sartorie", the brand Antonio Manzone was born out of those two cultures, reflecting the names of the two founders.

Style, elegance, passion, tradition, know-how and sartorial art are the values ​​that motivate the house to always focus on the quality of craftsmanship and preservation of the profession of tailor. Industrial processes are against their nature because the house favors manufacture in small workshops.

Today Antonio Manzone offers "small measure" clothing (costumes, shirts, coats), as well as a wide range of accessories for men. The creations are exclusively made in the Neapolitan region in workshops.

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