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Wondering who are the members of the MAD Gang?

We're passionate, crazy entrepreneurs and artists. Together, we've released 12 major platforms.

We've managed teams and organized events worldwide, from Zanzibar to Morocco!

We're 10 hidden artistic talents who have collaborated with celebrities. We also have a

cumulative 64 years of experience in entrepreneurship.

Oh, and we have a thing for chocolate, good food, great company, and travelers adventures!

Lise Yacoub


Dancer & Movie buff

Rima Yacoub


Musician & Gaming addict

Bruno Waitzmann


DJ & TV Producer



Photographer & Music Fan

Pascale Monsef Abboud


Manga Specialist & Totoro addict

Maxime Porpiglia

Web Developper

Mathieu Jankowiak

Project Manager

Musician & Sport addict

Vincent Soave

Business Developper

Storyteller and video games specialist

Erwan Aubert

Web Developper

BassSlapper & HeadBanger

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Coming Soon

David Geha


« Can’t wait for the future! »

Emmy Awards Winner

Warner Bros TV Producteur

Coming Soon

They have an eye for spotting the next rising star and share our MAD vision of the creative industries.

As active contributors to the MAD ecosystem, talent hunters are our local ambassadors of the city they work & live in.

Talent Hunter Guide

Hey there !

Welcome MAD Talent Hunter, we’re happy to have you on board !

We think that you too have what it takes to find those shining hidden gems in

locations where our eyes and ears cannot reach !

What is a MAD Talent Hunter ?

We know you know, but we thought it would be helpful to give you a quick useful recap on what MAD is exactly.

MAD – Music.Arts.Design – is the fun and addictive marketplace where you can discover, launch and meet artists in the MAD industry. We revolutionize your experience of the creative industries by breaking down the walls in these industries. Our ecosystem brings together artists, fans and partnering brands.

You are now playing an important role in our ecosystem by joining our ambassadors program : The MAD Talent Hunter

How do I become a Talent Hunter ?

There are no specific requirements to be a talent hunter. You have to have an eye for spotting the next rising star and share our mad vision of the creative industries.

The selection process is simple ! All you need to do is follow these 5 steps :

  1. Find the first talent you want to refer to MAD that has a great project or creation that you want to recommend.
  2. Create your Talent Hunter profile and fill the informations related to your referred Talent by clicking here.
  3. Once all the designated fields have been filled click on « Submit » for it to be sent to the MAD Gang.
  4. Ask you referred Talent to create and submit their profile by going to the « Become a MAD Talent » section
  5. When your first referred Talent profile is public on MAD you have officially become a MAD Talent Hunter !

By being a MAD Talent Hunter you are now actively contributing to the MAD ecosystem. You will therefore receive your personal MAD ID which you must use for your future referrals. You will from now on be able to refer new Talents directly from your Talent Hunter section on your Dashboard.

Your Talent Hunter ID is private and personal, please only give it out to the talents you are referring when they are submitting their profile so that your form and theirs be matched automatically

Cash in!

When you recommend us a talent who perfectly fits in the MAD ecosystem, we are happy to reward you with a Talent Hunter finders fee of 350$.

Here are the finals steps to be completed after all the above before cashing in

  1. The artist profile is published on MAD.
  2. The project of the artist or the product of the artist are published on MAD
  3. You receive a finder fee of 350 USD

Want more ?

The Sponsorship Program

Want to take things to the next level ? You know how to recognize, pick and match brands with artists ?
This is for you ! At MAD, we are constantly looking to align the marketing strategy of our partnering brands with our talents projects, creating MAD collaborations !
When you introduce us to a brand and create an opportunity for these collaborations, you will receive a 3,5% commission on the amount collected by MAD.

If you’re interested, email us on marketing@howmadareyou.com with your suggested lead and we will guide you through the rest

Engagement and Duration

Totally up to you !

You do this on your own time and as part of your daily life. After all, hidden talents are usually discovered in the most random and unexpected places ! We know it’s not about keeping an agenda.
Talent hunters are specialists of the city they work & live in. All you have to do is simply select a reference city for your talent hunt and if you’re approved, you will be featured as one of the MAD talent hunters of your city.
We reserve the right to re assess you as a MAD talent hunter every year.
There are no commitments in terms of results, but of course the more active a talent hunter you are, the higher the recognition and reward you’ll have as part of the MAD ecosystem.

Marée Guillemet

Paris, France

« PASSION, (Hyper?)sensibilité, intuitivité, Aventures, CURIOSITE. »

MusicStudent, Artist in the process. Feed myself with sounds & Notes from all over the Earth.

Ralph Nabhan

Tsukuba, Japan

« Let curiosity fuel your wildest adventures. »

I study UI/UX and explore Japanese local design through DIY, culinary and outdoor culture.