A MAD Cats night at The Palace !



Last Wednesday, March 3rd, 2017 we had the pleasure of attending Cats Production’s latest show: “Cats in Concert”.

The choice of the venue perfectly matched the ambiance the artists were looking to convey and the result was an extremely enjoyable experience.

Each of the 8 different acts had its artistic signature and transported us in their musical journey – there was something for every taste, from oldies to contemporary, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic, even Turkish and Russian music!

The performers were all lively exceptional, with of course a few that stood out from the crowd including Kristian Abouanni with his exceptional performance of Carmen, Manel Mallat interpreting Edith Piaff, Roxanne Touma, Jad Habche, Regina and Cosette Chedid among many others!

It was a full house and as the performance reached to its end, crowd and artists were both cheering and dancing together!

If you missed this, we definitely recommend you attending their next show!

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